Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A pie of potatoes (and tapioca)

I had my sisters over for dinner again...
but seeing as the temperatures were topping 46 oC last week and still in the 30s this week it was almost too hot for my planned meal of potato pie and tomato and onion pie...

Also I hadn't boiled my onions for 2 hours on Sunday like I planned so in the end I just went with Potato pie and a fresh salad.

The continuing challenge on making scrummy vegetarian cooking is keeping me occupied for when my sisters come over, and this did not fail to delight even though I thought it would be way too carbo-loaded.

It also contained tapioca because at our last dinner I threatened to cook and entire dinner with tapioca, so you know what we had for dessert then... and what kind of hostess would I be if I didn't fulfill my culinary promises.


INGREDIENTS - 2lb of potatoes,
1 onion
1 stick of celery
1 oz. of vegetable butter
1 oz of sago or tapioca
short-crust paste to cover
water or milk

METHOD - Slice the potatoes and the celery, fry the onion in the butter, and fill a pie-dish with these, sprinkling in the sago or tapioca, and seasoning to taste. Fill up with water or milk, put on a cover of paste, and bake in a good oven for about 1 hour or more, according to size.

TIME - To bake, about 1 hour. SUFFICIENT for 3 or 4 persons

I went with the water option seeing as we were having milky pudding. The water and tapioca mix and end up as a kind of gravy. It's definitely one I would make again... also carrots or any other vegetable would be a good addition.


K said...

This pie looks awesome. Despite the Tapioca, I reckon I might give this a go.

Where do I buy a pie dish from?

weenie_elise said...

the tapioca doesn't really taste... it just adds thickness... you could try corn flour instead...

if you don't have a pie dish a small round cake tin would also suffice

50sgal said...

This looks so lovely! I would love this pie, but with kidneys or someform of meat yum, you know we 1950s gals, we love our meat!