Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hey diddle dumpling!

And for dessert:


INGREDIENTS. - 1/2 a lb. of short-crust paste
5-6 apples, according to size
1 tablespoon of currants
a little moist sugar

( I made a few alterations here... I used sultanas instead of currants...mainly because i didn't have any currants on hand, and I used caster sugar instead of moist sugar ... mainly as I had no idea what that was, but I have since discovered it is a type of rich brown sugar, so I probably should have gone with that instead... Oh well, next time.)

METHOD. - Peel and core the apples and fill the centre with currants. Roll out the paste thinly, and cut it into rounds nearly large enough to cover the apples.

Place one in the centre of each round, wet the edges of the paste, and press gently to the top of the apple. Put them join downwards on a baking-sheet, and bake from 20 to 30 minutes in a moderately hot oven.

When nearly done, brush lightly with water, sprinkly ove with moist sugar, and return to the over to finish baking. Serve either hot or cold.

TIME - About 1 hour. SUFFICIENT for 5 or 6 persons.

This was excellent and very tasty. The apples are sweet but not too sweet and it's very moist inside the pastry...kind of like an individual apple pie.

My husband's only complaint - it was too big, but he conceded that it's rather difficult to make an apple smaller.


Jo said...

Wonderful - that looks so delicious. Weekend dessert sorted. We have two trees full of apples, so we will have to invite friends...

50sgal said...

This looks so delicious.