Friday, June 12, 2009

¿Hablas español?

I have been off air for a while. But don't think that means I haven't been cooking. I have a few exciting things to share with you all. Beginning with EGGS À L'ESPANGNOLE.

This exciting breakfast repast is very tasty - especially if you like onions.

I'm not particularly clear why red onions are referred to as Spanish Onions... a quick google reveal a white and a yellow spanish onion as well.



INGREDIENTS.- 2 Spanish Onions
4 eggs
pepper and salt

METHOD.- Fry some rounds of bread a bright brown in dripping, then fry the onions sliced, adding as they cook a sprinkling of pepper and salt.
Pile the onion on the croûtons and on each place a nicely poached egg. (Or in my case a nicely fried egg.)

TIME. 20 minutes. Average Cost, 8d. SUFFICIENT for 4 persons


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