Monday, March 22, 2010

Yes, Virginia - there is meatloaf in Britain

Except it's called 'Beef Cake'. (Beef Cake, BEEF CAKE) Sounds delicious, doesn't it?

I misread the recipe and added only half the required breadcrumbs, so I resulted in more of a Savoury Mince, than cake, as my cake didn't hold together. However, my husband said it was delicious and even better because it wasn't dry like some meatloaves are. So, win for me.

Here is it beforehand.



INGREDIENTS. - 1 lb. of cold roast beef
4 oz. of breadcrumbs
1 small onion chopped finely
2 oz. of cooked ham or bacon
1 teaspoonful of chopped parsley
pepper and salt
1 egg
1 gill of stock
2 oz of bread raspings
1 oz of dripping

METHOD. - Grease a plain mould or shallow cake tin, put in the raspings, and turn the mould round until quite covered with raspings.
Melt the dripping, fry the onion until slightly brown, mince the beef and bacon finely, and then mix all the ingredients together, using more stock if the mixture is very dry.
Then turn into the prepared mould, press carefully into shape, cover with a greased paper, and bake in a moderate oven for about 45 minutes.
Turn out carefully, and pour a little brown sauce round.

TIME. - To bake, 45 minutes. SUFFICIENT for 4 persons.

With apologies to Virginia, who was only inquiring if there was a Santa


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha! Yes, not the best name :P

Will be in your country in July feasting (no, more like scarfing) on sausage rolls even though I don't eat pig. Unless it's Australian pig. yuuuuummmm

weenie_elise said...

i'm not sure that sausage rolls actually contain that much pig... but they are delicious

Roxanne said...

This sounds scrumpious! I've never thought to use leftover roast for something like this!

I'll definitely be bookmarking this one.

Anonymous said...

No? What are they? Please don't say anything grosser than pig

weenie_elise said...

A brief google gives the break down of the Four ’N Twenty King Size Sausage Roll as being composed of 29.2 percent wheat flour, 23.8 percent water, 17.5 percent mutton, 13 percent margarine, 7.4 percent breadcrumbs, 2 percent seasoning, 0.8 percent onion, and 6.3 percent other ingredients.

So that would make the most common commercial sausage roll - umm.... Lamb.

weenie_elise said...

well... mutton