Monday, June 7, 2010

There were no cucumbers to be had at the Covent Garden vegetable market that morning, not even for ready money!

Cucumber Sandwiches - they seems to be quintessentially British. The main staple (ha ha) of afternoon teas and delicate luncheons. I say ha ha because they are nutritionally pretty useless, and therefore only the upper classes could afford to eat something that is essentially water.

But who know there is actually a recipe for them?

Here it is:


INGREDIENTS. - 1 large cucumber
creamed butter
white or brown bread
lemon-juice or vinegar
salt and pepper

METHOD. - Peel the cucumber, slice it thinly, season liberally with salt, drain on a hair sieve for about 1 hour, and dry thoroughly.
Now put it into a basin and sprinkle with pepper, salad-oil, lemon-juice or vinegar, liberally or otherwise according to taste.
Have ready some thin slices of bread and butter, stamp out some rounds of suitable size, place slices of cucumber between 2 rounds of bread and press parts well together.
Dish lightly overlapping each other in a circle on a folded napkin, and serve garnished with parsley.


Miss Sandra said...

This is the recipe I've used for years (minus the oil), and it goes over really well!
All the best!

Packrat said...

I always thought these sounded so wonderful until I actually had one. They are okay, but I'll take peanut butter and jelly anytime. :)

Eef said...

Well, never ate cuncumber sandwiches...
Not realy sure about it...
But I promise I will give it a try! But you'll have to wait for feedback because my cuncumber plant is still tiny!

Greets from rainy Belgium!


The Long & Winding Bobbin said...

oh my gosh I am loving reading all of your older posts. Not only am I a fan of cucumber sandwiches but that coffee fish! eep. Now I'm hungry.....