Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What not to wear

To the races - if you are a television personality.

Dear Channel 7,

Please extend your wardrobe budget so that
1) Fifi Box has a dress that fits her and is not pinned up the back
2) Fifi Box has a dress that isn't an ugly sack
3) Fifi Box has a hat, fascinator or hattinator - for pity's sake, it's the races - it's the Melbourne Cup!


This young crank


Packrat said...

Wearing a pinned dress is just plain tacky.

Anonymous said...

How ridiculous! It's not like she's sitting in a studio with her back to a wall!

Lady S said...

Thats crazy! Well, she looked good from the front on TV,but clearly it was all a lie.... the lengths they'll go to for Television. How embarrassing for Fifi. Terribly un-fabulous.
Lady S xox