Sunday, November 30, 2008

maxims - the rest

Here they are... I feel quite giddy with excitement

- Only dry frying can be done without plenty of fat (unless you have a non-stick pan)
- Pour boiling water over frying fat to clarify it and set it aside for using again (sorry, what was that about boiling water and hot fat...sounds like a recipe for disaster)
- Fat used for frying fish should only be used again for that purpose ( fish fat short crust pastry then)
- Melt a teaspoon of fat in a frying=pan before putting in bacon (although see above re: non-stick pan)
- Put spare bread crusts in the oven to grate for breadcrumbs (waste not, want not)
- Make mint sauce two hours before serving it (just because okay?)
- For making fish sauce use some of the water in which the fish was boiled (makes sense)
- Pare potatoes thinly (don't want to miss out on all that skinny goodness)
- Salt or cold water makes scum to rise (because you don't want the scum to be low)
- Scum as it rises in boiling should be taken off (and shot!)
- No more water than is needed for gravy should be put in the pan (otherwise soggy gravy)
- Salt brings out flavours (what puts them back in again?)
- When using ketchup be sparing with salt (especially for your blood pressure)
- A handful of salt will clear the fire for grilling (next time you're at a camp out remember this)
- Salt meat should go in cold water and be brought slowly to the boil (nummy, meat in brine)
- Always save the liquor in which the joint of meat has boiled (i think it's good for stock)
- One egg well beaten is worth two not beaten (and a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush)
- Boiled puddings should fill the basin (not your head instead)
- Put fresh water in the kettle to boil for tea, cocoa or coffee (at least it stops you from boiling a dry kettle)
- Make the tea directly the water boils (for a perfect cuppa)
- Pour nothing but water down the sink (saves for a smelly sinkhole)

So apparently that's the nub of this 640 page book... let's just keep this in mind for future reference


atomicliving said...

very interesting. I do not use nonstick pans, bacause 1.) I hate that u cant give it a good ole scrub with the wire wool (something esoteric about it for me) and 2.) there may be a link to teflon use and alzheimers and I have that in my family. So, rather good advice for me who still uses olde timee pans ;) The salted meat is of interest too, as I am planning a victory garden this summer and want to also learn more canning and pressure cooking which means one can 'can' meats. It may sound foul, but think of tuna or chicken in a can, non? I would like to see if I can try to eat only within a close radius to where I live, which would mean fruits and veg off season would be not available. I am going out and buying my copy of mrs. beetons today at Barnes and Noble. Yay, Mrs. B.

weenie_elise said...

nothing wrong with canned meat, i just don't suggest you try canning it yourself...there's whole chapters on pickles and preserves, and also instructions for if you want to salt your own meat, so definitely worth buying a copy