Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Eggs and Tomatoes

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Pretty much as the title says EGGS AND TOMATOES...
It could either be a breakfast dish or a supper dish, seeing as it is listed in the BREAKFAST AND SUPPER DISHES section.

This recipe is out of Mrs Beeton's Cookery Book, which I got from the mother-in-law, and interestingly has an average cost for each meal for the housewife/cook on a budget. According to my rough internet calculation, using the approximate date of publication, allowing for inflation and converting into AUD, this meal for 6 persons, costs about $8.05 (in USD about $5.96) which seems pretty good value for money working out to be $1.35 per person.

Using internet shopping I can buy these ingredients from the supermarket for AUD$9.02 so I guess my calculations aren't too far off. Yay for me!

Anyway, back to breakfast and some scrummy eggs and tomatoes.


INGREDIENTS. - 6 medium-sized tomatoes
6 fresh eggs
buttered toast
pepper and salt

METHOD. - Scoop out the centre of each tomato and with this pulp make a well-seasoned sauce.
In each of the cavities of the tomatoes break an egg carefully and season with salt and pepper.
Put the tomatoes in a well-buttered tin in the oven and bake till done.
Have ready some buttered toast, on which place the tomatoes, pouring the gravy round.

TIME, about 10 minutes. AVERAGE COST 1s. 2d. SUFFICIENT for 6 persons. SEASONABLE when tomatoes are in season

Very tasty and an economical breakfast (economy being the catchphrase of today)

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The Prodigal Tourist said...

Never heard the egg right in the tomato; I've seen egg in a potato, have you had that? Must give that a try--not that Frances will eat it of course, she's strictly scrambled. Maybe I'll try it on mummy-in-law for mother's day; she loves runny eggs.