Friday, December 19, 2008

High up, high on a mountain

we'll eat eggs for breakfast.

Yesterday's cooking adventure was interesting to say the least. With some very interesting consequences... but we'll get to that a bit later...

First, eggs. "Although the qualities of those belonging to different birds vary somewhat, their nutritive constituents of fats and salts are identical, varying only in degree. Eggs are valuable on account of their concentrated nourishment, and their ready digestibility when raw or slightly cooked. The quality of eggs depends much upon the breed of hens, and upon the character of the food given to them. New-laid eggs are more easily digested than eggs a day or two old, but the milkiness of an egg cooked almost as soon as it is laid is generally dislikes. Poaching is undoubtedly the lightest way of dressing eggs. Another light, digestible way is to place it into a saucepan of boiling water, and let it remain by the side of the fire for about 10 minutes. Immersion for this period will cook the white of the egg to the consistence of jelly, but the water must not be allowed even to simmer."

"Eggs, to choose - A fresh egg has a transparent appearance and the shell possesses a soft bloom."

All of which doesn't say very much for the kind of eggs we buy at the supermarket.
But for breakfast I thought I'd try the very first recipe specifically for eggs in the book.

6 oz of cheese
1 oz. of butter
a little finely chopped parsley
pepper and salt

Grease a fireproof baking-dish thickly, line it with the greater part of the cheese cut in thin slices, and break the eggs over this, keeping the yolks whole. Grate the remainder of the cheese or chop it finely, and mix with the parsley. Season the eggs liberally with salt and pepper, sprinkle over them the grated cheese, and add the butter broken into small pieces. Bake in a quick oven for about 10 minutes and serve hot,

TIME - About 10 minutes to bake. SUFFICIENT for 4 persons

This was very yummy, despite one of my yolks breaking, although not recommended if you are at all worried about your waistline, or cholesterol, or your health in general. It's basically cheesy whites surrounding the yolk.
However, it was so filling that I didn't eat lunch, and then I went to my work Christmas party where they were serving cocktails, but very little food. That was definitely a recipe for disaster. However, I won the prize for the best dressed, the most "GLAMOUROUS" (as that was the theme) so I'm feeling pretty chuffed...and hungover.


Jitterbug said...

Ah, The Work Christmas Party and The Cocktail... a recipe for disaster. Sounds like you behaved yourself if you came off as most glam! Did Mrs. Beeton include any advice on entertaining for the holidays in her book?

atomicliving said...

Good show! Most glamourous sounds rather good. I have to say, as one who keeps chickens, it is amazing how u can honestly taste the difference between a fresh egg and a store bought. Even the colour, as the fresh egg is so bright yellow. U should show us a pic in your winning outfit!

atomicliving said...

Oh, and thanks for ur opinion on my marzipan blog. It's nice to see how others feel and to feel a likeness in such feeling. I need to start listing some of the things out of my Godeys ladies journals, interesting things!

weenie_elise said...

if you'd like to see the winning outfit you can find it here as http:\\

weenie_elise said...