Thursday, December 18, 2008

Soda pop!

Having read all about how soda can be used for cleaning, unblocking drains and to provide a relaxing foot bath, I thought it was about time that I gave cleaning with it a burl. I have to say that in my book, Mrs Beeton does not once mention cleaning the bathroom. Slops are to be take from the bedrooms, but no actual bathroom... however, when discussing purchasing or renting you are to ensure that it has adequate drainage "carrying away sewage and those emptying baths, basins and sinks." Anyway, I'm assuming that you got the 'help' to clean the bathrooms and toilet, therefore it wasn't worth discussing it in great detail.

I have no 'help' though so it was up to me to scrub my own bathtub.

Last week I tried just using Bicarbonate of Soda (Soda) sort of like an abrasive scrubber. It was okay but left a large amount of residue on all the surfaces.

So this week I tried soda and vinegar. Some books recommend lemon juice but seeing as my lemon tree has had no crop yet, imade do with vinegar. I was very curious about this seeing as my tub was dirtier than normal (I'd had a bath this week, normally I don't have time for one) and it worked like a charm. Sprinkle on the soda and then squirt on the vinegar, let it fizz for a bit and then wipe away. And it also got rid of the dirty foot marks in the bottom of the shower. Definitely equal to modern scrubbers, like Jif (which is what I normally use).

Anyway, I was well pleased and definitely thinking bout making a permanent switch as I'm sure it's terribly more environmentally friendly.

One drawback though - my bathroom smelt like a fish and chip shop for the rest of the day... minus the greasy fish smell... well, that's not too bad.


atomicliving said...

OOh, this sounds good and I am gonna give it a go! It is funny, to me an American, to hear u speak of cleaning with Jif, for here it is peanut butter and altho it might smell good, would most likely mess up more than clean! Thanks for the soda/vinegar tip, tho. I am gonna try some homemade wine next fall and I am sure some will be no more than vinegar so I can bottle up my own concotion made of my own hand, now If I could only 'mine' my own soda ;)

weenie_elise said...

it'd definitely worth trying, as it doesn't cost very much for the ingredients, and if you don't like it you can use the vinegar and soda for other things.

atomicliving said...

I was thinking that the latest most 'magical' form of technology: the internet/computer has now led to the return to very old ways of trying to do things! It is like a magic machine sometimes and a time machine and an all knowing device.